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Monday, July 11, 2005


Words just can not describe the laughter when people see our Pull My Finger Farting George Bush Doll. Not only does he fart, he sings and shakes too! Standing over 8" tall pull the Commander in Chiefs finger and he'll shake, fart and say 7 wacky phrases and a fart song in the off-beat tradition of our great leader.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

"clear and present danger" from

We have an identified "clear and present danger" in the White House, and its time for preemptive action in November. This is a "mock" commercial for George Bush using music, video, and images to highlight his personal character and the current crisis our country is in thanks to his leadership and administration. It is to show we can SUPPORT our country and troops, but not the leaders running it. It is on the dark side, but more 'fun' then dark (not as dark as Scar Strangeled Banter!). This is dedicated to the true voice of loyalty and patriotism in America. The following video/submission is my first, so feel free to state your opinion.

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Friday, July 08, 2005
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - It's no secret that people are passionate about the 2004 presidential election, but one Pennsylvania woman may have pushed her political feelings for George Bush a little too far.

Deborah Trautwine, 51, faces criminal charges of forgery, theft and receiving stolen goods after she passed a fake $200 bill with the president's picture on it, the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed with CNN/Money Thursday.

Although there is no $200 bill in circulation, never mind one with George Bush's picture on it, the cashier at the Fashion Bug in Hempfield Township, Pa., accepted the bill for some clothes and handed the woman about $100 in change.


Forget G8, fetch the Band Aid - Bush falls off his bike!

US President George Bush suffered minor injuries after colliding with a police officer while out on his bike at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

The President suffered very minor injuries, a spokeswoman confirmed, and was able to attend the G8 dinner at the hotel hosted by the Queen.

The spokeswoman said the policeman involved, who had been on foot, suffered minor ankle injuries and was taken to a local hospital for checks.


The truth is revealed!

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bushism of the Day from Slate Magazine

By Jacob Weisberg
Posted Friday, June 24, 2005, at 9:13 AM PT

"You see, not only did the attacks help accelerate a recession, the attacks reminded us that we are at war."—Washington, D.C., June 8, 2005

Click here to see video of Bush's comments. The Bushism is at 3:19.

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For more, see "The Complete Bushisms."


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Leader of the free world...

From the bowels of hell...